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Dental Hygiene Reference Cards

Dental Hygiene Reference Cards

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Introducing our essential Dental Hygiene Clinical Reference Card Pack, the perfect companion for students embarking on their journey to become skilled dental hygienists. This comprehensive set of 15 reference cards is designed to make patient care easier and more efficient. Crafted from high-quality, easy-to-disinfect materials, these cards are compatible with CaviWipes, ensuring a clean and hygienic learning experience.

Each card is meticulously designed to provide all the vital information for optimal patient care. These cards cover everything from oral hygiene instructions to periodontal disease stages.



      • Intraoral Examination
      • Extraoral Examination
      • Maxillary + Mandibular
      • Injection Infographic Caries Risk Factors
      • Periodontal Disease Risk Factors
      • Oral Cancer Risk Factors
      • Furcation Grade
      • Tooth Mobility
      • Sealant Placement
      • Toothbrushing Techniques
      • Chemotherapeutics
      • Primary Teeth Eruption Ages
      • Permanent Teeth Eruption Ages
      • Gingival Description
      • Dental Anatomy
      • Angles Occlusal Classification
      • Occlusal Descriptions
      • Pathology Terminology
      • Variants of Normal
      • Insurance Codes
      • Periodontal Staging and Grading
      • Dental Radiology
      • Vital Signs ASA Classifications
      • ICDAS
      • GV Black Classification of Caries


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