DHS is proud to offer:

Outstanding quantity and quality of speakers. We believe that it is impossible to adequately cover all the material on the National Board Exam with just one or two speakers. All of our presenters are experts in their subject area, with an average of 7-10 speakers at each location. Each speaker has achieved an advanced degree in Dental Hygiene or Dentistry and has many years of teaching and clinical experience. Each speaker is familiar with previous National Board questions, content and subtypes. In addition, each presenter is familiar with the computer test format.

A comprehensive review of all subjects covered on the Board Exam, as well as test-taking strategies. Special emphasis is given to the modern computer format of the Board Exam, as well as stress reduction and positive self-talk and motivation techniques. Mnemonics, learning aids, and strategies for answering multiple-choice questions are given at each seminar.

Detailed understanding of this year’s Board format. The ADA is constantly updating the National Board Exam, including the addition of new question types and subtypes. This can create problems and confusion for test taker, but DHS is ready to prepare you! We are very familiar with newer question types and will work to prepare you throughout the seminar with tips and tricks to confidently approach them. Not only do we provide you with multiple practice questions in the NEW Board format in both our review book and lectures, but we also have questions in the new format on our interactive Mock Board exam that is the closest thing you can find to the real test! No other review seminar prepares you for these areas, which is one more reason why DHS is #1 in the nation.

Availability of speakers, before, during and after each seminar. All DHS educators share their email addresses with attendees and are happy to help students with any additional questions or concerns they may have prior to the Board Exam.

Exclusive access to the DHS Professor for ongoing support. As a DHS attendee, you will receive continuous help even after you leave the seminar. Our exclusive DHS Professor program provides you with access to practice tips, questions, motivation and encouragement until the Board Exam.

Incredible value. We understand that investing in preparation for the National Board Exam is an investment in your future, which is why DHS works to provide students with the best value for your money. All students receive a variety of perks during and after the event, and a Full Class Discount is available for groups of 12 or larger.

Pass Guarantee. Over 98% of students who complete a DHS review course go on to pass the National Board Exam, but in the unlikely event that a DHS attendee does not pass the Board, they may attend a future DHS event at no charge.

Preparing for Success:

An independent research study conducted by Texas Woman’s University confirmed that students who attended a DHS National Board review course had a 98+% pass rate on the exam. The overall pass rate for Dental Hygiene students taking the National Board was 89.3% (as reported to Allied Dental Program Directors).

With this research, it is easy to see that students who attend a DHS review course are considerably more likely to pass the National Board exam than students who do choose alternate preparation methods.

Doesn’t it make sense to attend a review course that will give you a definitive advantage when you sit down to take the National Board Exam?

To prepare for the Board Exam,

  1. Study hard in class,
  2. Manage your time wisely,
  3. Top it off with the best National Board review course in the nation – DHS!