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The purpose of the National Board Dental Hygiene Exam (NBDHE) is to assist state dental boards in determining the qualifications of individuals who seek licensure to practice dental hygiene as Registered Dental Hygienists or RDHs and LDHs. The NBDHE assesses the ability to understand information from the biomedical, clinical and/or dental sciences and apply this information in a problem-solving context. State dental boards use the information provided by the NBDHE to help protect the public health when issuing licensure.    

The NBDHE is a written examination. Clinical examinations are given by individual states or testing agencies. The NBDHE is given in many locations and dates by Pearson Vue Testing Agency. Currently, all United States licensing jurisdictions recognize the NBDHE.

The Joint Commission for National Dental Education is responsible for the development and administration of the National Board Dental Hygiene Exam (NBDHE) each year.

Dental Hygiene Seminars provides students with a focus summary of the information necessary to study for and pass the National Board. Students who attend the DHS National Board review (either in-person or virtually) receive a concise review of each topic presented on the NBDHE as well as information on study techniques, stress reduction and an overview of the format of the Board.  In addition to the information presented at the review courses, DHS offers students an interactive practice Mock Board exam and access to multiple practice questions in each subject area on the DHS app.

The best preparation for the NBDHE that a student can receive is to attend one of the many live seminars presented by Dental Hygiene Seminars.  In addition to DHS live seminars, a student may choose to register for a DHS virtual seminar in preparation for the NBDHE.

Students who have previously attended Dental Hygiene Seminars in preparation for the NBDHE have given favorable reviews for the course.  Many have written to DHS after taking the NBDHE and stated that passing it was the result of attending the review course!

In conclusion, the perfect preparation for passing the NBDHE:

  • Attend a Dental Hygiene Seminar, either in person or virtually
  • Review the information included in the DHS review book
  • Take the DHS Mock Board exam; Formulate your score
  • Practice study questions from the DHS app
  • Remain CALM, COOL, and COLLECTED during the exam!



Thank you for making this the best money I have ever spent! Thanks to you all – I will pass the Boards!

October 28, 2019

Teresa Hawkins

The Ohio State University

I will recommend this to my ‘lil sisters’. It was a phenomenal board review!!

October 28, 2019

Jennifer Manuel

Tallahassee Community College

Very informative and confidence building! I feel much more prepared and guided in my studies.

October 28, 2019

Bellingham Technical College